Σετ 4τμχ Ποτήρι Κρασιού Φυσητό Γυαλί Πράσινο 380ml Glass Laura Ashley


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Glass Collectables are an ode to all flowers, which Laura Ashley herself often used as an inspiration
for her designs. Her great passion and love for nature come together in this range of glassware.

Each glass is handmade and mouth-blown in traditional wooden moulds to shape it with a
subtle flower silhouette from top to bottom. The age-old craft of glass blowing emphasizes
the natural shape of the glasses, making each piece unique. They come in classic clear or
timeless bottle green colour: a choice made to compliment and complement each and every
Laura Ashley Collectables range.

The delicate bubbles in the body of the glass are the result of the mouth-blowing process itself, and
are testament to the hand-made nature of the product, its authenticity and point of difference.
Laura Ashley Glass Collectables bring a sparkle to the table, with a festive yet elegant look.

Βάρος 3 kg



Φυσητό Γυαλί

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